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MFi certification / testing
MFi CarPlay certification / testing
MFi AirPlay Certification / Test
MFi HomeKit Certification / Testing
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MFI certification | Apple certification | Apple MFI certification | HOMEKIT certification - Shenzhen Yi Pu Tai Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen APT Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to APT) is a professional electrical and electronic products in the security testing, international certification and technical advice, Apple Apple MFI accessories product certification consulting independent third-party authority certification testing mechanism. The company strictly according to ISO / IEC17025 operation.

Aggressive, Professional, Trustworthy (enterprising, professional, reliable) is our entrepreneurial spirit!

APT is currently the only company specializing in MFI certification, our APT engineering team has many years of relevant industry experience at home and abroad, the MFI certification process, product specifications, testing methods, equipment and standards are in-depth understanding, we have 100% Strength to help customers enter the field of MFI! APT alone to win customers, do not rely on advertising cheat customers!










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MFI Certification testTESTIMONIALS

MFi certification / testing

What is Apple MFi certification? Do MFi certification be necessary? Why do you do MFi?    What is the use of MFi certification? Very simple reason, no MFi certified data lines can only sell 5 yuan, through the MFi certified data lines can b

MFi CarPlay certification / te

APT tells you what is Apple CarPlay certificationAs the most professional, the most understanding of Apple MFi certified company, APT Shenzhen Yi Pu Tai Technology Co., Ltd. and we share the relevant content of CarPlay. Greg-Joswiak, Apple's vice

MFi AirPlay Certification / Te

What is AirPlay? AirPlay test can not how to do?Apple AirPlay is definitely our APT Shenzhen Ai Pu Tai Technology Co., Ltd.'s fist products, no one more than we know Apple AirPlay certification! We APT related engineers and major manufacturers of

MFi HomeKit Certification / Te

As the most understanding of the domestic MFi certification / testing company, A Ai Tai Tai company and we share the contents of Apple HomeKit, Apple HomeKit is Apple in 2014 released the intelligent home control system. May 15, 2015, Apple announced

MFi factory audit

Apple released the new MFi certified version of "MFi / Works With Apple Manufacturing License 6.4" on July 21, 2015. In the new MFi version 6.4, Apple commissioned the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu office to audit at the factory! Audit fee Arrow

MFi project rectification / ad

MFI certified friends are aware of MFI certification mysterious, very difficult to pass, although the product specifications have a clear product requirements, but most people still do not know, the Apple laboratory test method is more I do not know,

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MFI6.4 System Review Deloitte Apple audits (based on factory ERP system and operating normally)PPID / Product Plan IDMFI product forecast + rectification + formal testATS pre-test + upload report (ATS forecast and report upload)Packaging material des

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