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National hotline:0755-27209875

Shenzhen Yi Pu Tai Technology Co., Ltd

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Address: Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Xixiang streets Gushu Hangcheng Innovation and Innovation Park A3 Building, Room 505

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Shenzhen APT technology Co., Ltd. is an independent third-party certification authority, which specializing in electrical and electronic product safety testing, international certification and technical consulting, product design, Apple MFi accessory design and verification consulting. The company strictly according to ISO / IEC17025 operation.

Aggressive, Professional, Trustworthy is our entrepreneurial spirit!

APT is the only company specializing in MFi certification, our APT engineering team has many years of relevant industry experience at home and abroad, our engineers are deep understand the MFi authentication process, MFi product specifications, MFi test methods, equipment and standards, we have the strength to help customers enter MFi field! APT wins customers with strength but not advertising!

APT as a comprehensive, professional and international verification agency, we solved many difficult issues for the all customers with advanced technology and excellent service concept, has won the trust of customers and the community. APT follows the principles of "scientific, fairness, accuracy, efficiency", APT conforms to international rules and practices and national laws and regulations, APT works under strict procedures and holds scientific and impartial attitudes towards all customers, we insist on the principle of confidentiality and provide comprehensive, professional quality technical services to industry production enterprises, traders, purchasers.