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MFi CarPlay certification / testing
Article author:admin. time:2017-03-14 08-06-07

APT tells you what is Apple CarPlay certification

As the most professional, the most understanding of Apple MFi certified company, APT Shenzhen Yi Pu Tai Technology Co., Ltd. and we share the relevant content of CarPlay. Greg-Joswiak, Apple's vice president of marketing for iOS devices, said in a statement: "iPhone users always want to get what they want at the fingertips, while CarPlay allows the driver to be in the car with the smallest The degree of interference, the use of iPhone. "This is the birth of CarPlay meaning! CarPlay is a smart car system that allows the driver's iOS device (such as iPhone 6, 6S, etc.) to seamlessly integrate with the car's display system, that is, the contents of the driver's IOS screen in the car's display display. We APT's engineering director had a well-known enterprises in the country participated in the CarPlay project research. So what equipment can use this technology? CarPlay only supports the Lightning interface with the iPhone, if your phone is older than the iPhone5, you can not CarPlay. In addition, although the iPad has supported this interface, but Apple did not iPad as CarPlay support hardware devices.


Will CarPlay be the future trend?


Look at the following table, more and more manufacturers to join the ranks, there is no doubt that the future with CarPlay function of the car products will become mainstream. Do not worry about CarPlay certification can not pass, we understand CarPlay test requirements, is CarPlay certification experts, come to us to talk about it!


How CarPlay works

    CarPlay, will be very clever to iPhone phone most of the basic functions, through the car's control panel to use. Some of these features include Siri voice assistant tools, iTunes music player, Apple map and SMS service. Through CarPlay, the driver can hear the contents of the voice mail, you can not leave the steering wheel on both hands then call, you can easily and safely listen to music, send and receive information, use navigation, and more.

To use these features in the iPhone, the driver can touch the car's driving control panel, just like touching the phone, but this can reduce the interference of driving, and the other through the steering wheel on a button, the driver can trigger Siri.

What is the role of CarPlay?

1, the first and most important point, the use of CarPlay function, the user driving the car will be more secure!

2, the use of CarPlay function, the driver can do more things in the way of driving, such as listening to voice mail, real information, etc., greatly provide work efficiency.

3, let the journey become interesting, no longer lonely, boring!

Car play test content, APT Shenzhen Yi Tai Tai Technology Co., Ltd. to tell you!

(S), (s), (b) (b) (b) (b) (b) (b) (b) (b) (b) (b) (b) (b) (b) (b) (b) (b) ITU-T P.1100, ITU-T P.1110). What is the test of CarPlay? Our APT engineers will answer for you!

CarPlay is not only equipped with Siri voice control designed for driving scenes, but also with the knob, button or touch screen and other car control device used in conjunction. In addition, the design of the app itself has been re-conceived, so you do not need to move away from the line of sight and hands can use.


Why choose Epperton

APT Engineering Co., Ltd. APT is currently the only company specializing in MFi certification, APT engineering team has many years of relevant industry experience at home and abroad, the MFi CapPlay certification process, product specifications and standards are deep understanding, is the most professional Shenzhen CarPlay Agency. APT alone to win customers, do not rely on advertising cheat customers!

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