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MFi HomeKit Certification / Testing
Article author:admin. time:2017-03-14 08-06-07


As the most understanding of the domestic MFi certification / testing company, A Ai Tai Tai company and we share the contents of Apple HomeKit, Apple HomeKit is Apple in 2014 released the intelligent home control system. May 15, 2015, Apple announced the first to support its HomeKit platform, intelligent home appliances listed in June. June 13, 2016, the Apple Developer Conference WWDC held in San Francisco, the meeting announced that builders began to support HomeKit, without doubt, the smart home market is bound to be a major trend in the future, we Ai Tai Tai technology company's engineering team as early as 2015 Year to start on Apple's HomeKit communication protocol and technical configuration research, the goal is to ensure that the majority of partners can be safe and secure to enter the HomeKit field, we are the most professional Apple HomeKit test company.

Apple HomeKit project itself does not produce new products with HomeKit system, but authorizes third-party vendors to produce devices that meet Apple's compatibility and safety standards. Apple has built the HomeKit framework, became an application APP, opened later, the home state at a glance, you can use Siri on intelligent devices to control, you can also control the home of intelligent devices such as lights, air cleaners, air conditioning and so on. For example, Siri said morning, Siri can be smart to help dome to open the curtains, open the coffee pot, open the window. Of course, users can also according to their own habits of the scene to customize the custom, for example, set the "guest mode" when guests come home to automatically turn the lights bright, air conditioning open. There are "quiet mode" and so on. With HomeKit technology, users can use the iOS device to control all products marked "Works with Apple HomeKit" (compatible with Apple HomeKit) products. These products include only sensors, smart thermostats, smart lights, smart plugs, smart locks and other accessories.

    Apple thinks HomeKit is not just a simple framework, where you can open and control a variety of accessories. HomeKit design is far from some media, as read, simply put the iPhone into a universal remote control. HomeKit's framework has two important concepts: Action and Trigger. Through Action and Trigger, users can easily achieve a very wide range of automatic reminders and operating functions. Similarly, through the HomeKit trigger and operating mechanism can achieve a variety of scenes of automation operations: For example, "when guests come to guests when the lights automatically light" and so on. In short, HomeKit is definitely a model for the future of smart home, we APT Shenzhen Ai Tai Tai Technology Co., Ltd. has the absolute strength to help you in the shortest possible time to get HomeKit certification.

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