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MFi AirPlay Certification / Test
Article author:admin. time:2017-03-14 08-06-07


What is AirPlay? AirPlay test can not how to do?

Apple AirPlay is definitely our APT Shenzhen Ai Pu Tai Technology Co., Ltd.'s fist products, no one more than we know Apple AirPlay certification! We APT related engineers and major manufacturers of MFi certification team have in-depth cooperation, the AirPlay test requirements well known. At present, the company has all the testing capabilities and equipment for AirPlay. I would like to join the AirPlay industry is afraid of not certified friends, or in the test laboratory Airplay test can not friends, welcome to come to us to talk about, we absolutely can help you solve the difficulties one by one!

As the most proficient, most professional, the most understanding of the MFi certification / testing company, APT Shenzhen Ai Pu Tai Technology Co., Ltd. and we share the AirPlay test content, AirPlay is a wireless technology to achieve the technology carrier is WIFI, so to Get AirPlay certification, and necessary and have WIFI Union certification. November 12, 2010 Apple released iTunes10.1 software fully supports AirPlay wireless technology. Apple in OS X Mountain Lion and iOS4.2 by adding a playback technology, the Mac, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone audio to support AirPlay equipment to play. To use Airplay this feature requires iOS4.2 version of the device or Mac computer on the iTunes10.1 or later.

In addition to Apple's official equipment to support AirPlay, the current number of brand audio support AirPlay function. Philips, Harman, Yamaha, Marantz's new power amplifier and network player has been the first to support AirPlay function, Airplay is already the best-selling audio standard technology.


AirPlay accessories must complete the certification requirements:

1, Wi-Fi Alliance "Wi-Fi certification" program;


2, Wi-Fi multimedia (WMM) certification;

3, MFi certification

Why choose Epperton

APT Engineering Co., Ltd. APT is currently the only proficient in MFi certified company, APT engineering team has many years of relevant industry experience at home and abroad, the MFi certification process, product specifications and standards are deep understanding, APT alone to win Take customers, do not rely on advertising cheat customers!

1 complete test equipment

2 professional technical team

3 intimate customer service team

4 to provide one-stop solution

5 to assist product design, technical Q & A, technical training

6 to provide resource integration services, introduced the program company, introduced qualified processing plant


APT Shenzhen Ai Pu Tai Technology Co., Ltd. has a full set of Apple AirPlay test capabilities and equipment, we are the most professional Shenzhen AirPlay agent, hoping to join the AirPlay industry afraid of not certified friends, or in the test laboratory AirPlay test too Friends, welcome to come to us to talk about, we absolutely can help you solve the difficulties one by one!

Contact us, we are definitely the most understandable AirPlay technology company!

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