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MFi certification / testing
Article author:admin. time:2017-03-14 08-06-07

What is Apple MFi certification? Do MFi certification be necessary? Why do you do MFi?

    What is the use of MFi certification? Very simple reason, no MFi certified data lines can only sell 5 yuan, through the MFi certified data lines can be sold 50 yuan or more, MFi certification is very difficult to pass (for APT company is very simple) , But after the benefits obtained by the very attractive, able to apply for and successfully obtained MFi authorized enough to show the strength of the production enterprises! At present, the supermarkets, electricity providers in this area is very strict supervision, only to obtain the MFi certified products can be in the supermarkets, electricity business (Lynx, Jingdong, Amazon, etc.) shelves sales. Obtained the MFi certification also said that the company passed the MFi factory certification and MFi product certification.

    As the most proficient in the country, the most understanding of MFi certification / testing company, APT Shenzhen Ai Pu Tai Technology Co., Ltd. and we share the MFi certification content and MFi certification process, Apple MFi certification, Apple Inc. (Apple Inc.) authorized accessories Manufacturers of external parts of the use of a logo license is Apple's "Made for iOS" English abbreviation. "Made for iPod", "Made for iPhone," and "Made for iPad" are electronic accessories specially designed for iPod, iPhone and iPad, and these accessories have been certified by Apple to meet Apple Product performance standards. Do not worry about MFi certification / test is difficult to pass, we Ai Tai Tai MFi certification of the company well aware of the principle is absolutely MFi certified experts, is the most professional Shenzhen MFi certification agent.

    Apple MFi certification logo, Apple's MFI certification has a harsh standard, Apple requires the authorized accessories to ensure its quality and taste, product life cycle, brand image And so on and all aspects of their own. Must be subject to multiple rigorous testing before passing the certification license, the test content is very detailed, including the quality of the factory, product quality, parameters, and IOS product compatibility and so on. The The Can apply for and successfully obtain the MFi license This has become a Apple accessories manufacturing enterprises and design enterprises in its technical and quality strength of a sign.


MFi-covered accessories and technology

    MFi certification for third-party hardware accessories for electronic connection (cable connection or wireless connection) to iPhone, iPad or iPod!

MFi licensed technologies include:

    1.HomeKit accessory Protocol (HAP): smart home products ...

    2.Lightning and 30-pin connectors: products that use Lightning and 30pin connectors, data cable, charger, mobile power, clip battery, Lightning headset, Apple U disk, etc.

    3.iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP), an accessory that communicates with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod via the IAP protocol

    4.AirPlay audio technology

    5.Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC) feature WAC wireless function

    6.Headphone Remote and Mic feature headset remote control and microphone

    7.Lightning Communication Module The audio module connected via LIghtning

    8.CarPlay technology

    9.MFi Game Controller technology game controller, game controller

    10.MFi Hearing Aid technology hearing aid equipment

Apple Inc. Apple Inc. Sales of MFi parts:

A. 30-Pin Connector 30pin connector

B. Apple Lightning Connector lightning connector

C. Authentication Coprocessor authentication chip

D. MFi Development Tools MFI Product Development Tools

E. Remote Control IC headset remote control chip

F. Lightning Headphone Module

G.Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Module Apple Watch Wireless Charging Module


MFi certification process

    First to declare the information, including the company's basic information, hardware information, software information, etc. ... Apple according to the information for the first round of screening;

► After successfully crossing the first pass, the second step requires the System Review to appoint a third party (Deloitte & Touche LLP) to the factory for field review;

► After completing the trial operation, the third step enterprise will declare the product plan. Apple MFi has strict management practices, the production of each Apple's accessories products, in the development stage must be to Apple to declare and to get Apple's approval;

► The next step is to perform a certification test. Send samples to Apple's lab to test the product.

► After the completion of the test, the fifth step, upload product packaging to accept Apple's review, Apple's packaging of accessories also has a strict standard, must comply with the provisions of bulk printing;

To complete all the above steps can be called through the Apple's MFi certification, companies can buy Apple's original Apple chip chip for large-scale production!


MFi factory review

Apple released the new MFI certified version of "MFi / Works With Apple Manufacturing License 6.4" on July 21, 2015. In the new MFI version, Apple added a System Review step, and all MFI vendors must pass the audits To submit a new product plan, or will not be able to submit product plan!

This link will be commissioned by Apple's Deloitte accounting staff to the factory site review! APT will be accompanied by the whole process.


Why choose Epperton

APT engineering company has many years of domestic and foreign related industry experience, the MFi certification process, product specifications and standards are in-depth understanding, APT rely solely on the strength of the APT team, Win customers, do not rely on advertising cheat customers!

(1) complete test equipment

(2) professional technical team

(3) intimate customer service team

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(5) to assist product design, technical Q & A, technical training

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