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MFi project rectification / advisory services
Article author:admin. time:2017-03-14 08-06-07

MFI certified friends are aware of MFI certification mysterious, very difficult to pass, although the product specifications have a clear product requirements, but most people still do not know, the Apple laboratory test method is more I do not know, lead to test again and again failure, serious delay in shipping time, more serious is to cause the project to cancel, customer orders canceled. It is precisely because the customer does not understand the MFI certification, coupled with the so-called "professional MFI agency" misleading, so that the customer's MFI certification program greatly affected, we APT Shenzhen Yi Tai Tai Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 50% of the project Is the customer in the so-called "professional MFI agency" is not going to go to Division I, among them there are some well-known UAV companies, network communications companies, well-known home appliances brand. In fact, very simple, if a project in the same problem, the so-called "professional MFI agency" two retest can not solve the case, enough to explain that they do not understand, we also do not have to waste time and money. MFI test is very strict, large product structure to the problem, small to the label problem, there are strict rules, you do not know is too much. Baidu can be found on the MFI information is only fur, we APT Shenzhen Yi Tai Tai Technology Co., Ltd. holds the core of the MFI test, which is due to years of concentrated research accumulated, MFI test equipment, MFI test method, AirPlay test Equipment, AirPlay test method, WAC test equipment, WAC test method, Apple MFI team how to determine the product qualified or not, and so on, we are very familiar with and understand. MFI applications must also be very focused on skills, a project where the PPID to establish the product structure how to be qualified, conventional IAP test, Bluetooth IAP test and so on need to have strict and rigorous testing plan.

If your product fails to apply for the MFI process again and again, if your project does not go on in the so-called "professional MFI agency", please come to us to talk and give you your previous test records. Analyze the reason, give you a 100% feasible rectification program, give you a 100% exact time through.

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