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Home page » news » company news » The company has successfully completed the MFi HomeKit test platform. Apple's HomeKit hardware standard is fully open to the partners.
The company has successfully completed the MFi HomeKit test platform. Apple's HomeKit hardware standard is fully open to the partners.
Article author:admin. time:2017-03-15 10-33-42

Apple Apple has officially completed its HomeKit hardware specification customization work, and will be through the MFi (Made-For / iPhone / iPad / iPod) authorization program to intelligent home equipment partners fully open. With MFi, device manufacturers will be able to launch smart home products that are compatible with iOS 8 systems for Apple i Series devices.

    Apple has been scheduled for November 14 to 14 in China held the first MEC summit. There will be many manufacturers will be compatible with iOS 8 system and HomeKit platform for external equipment to attend and show.

In fact, Apple announced the HomeKit platform for the first time, there have been a number of large equipment manufacturers come up with compatible smart home equipment. But Apple did not perfect HomeKit hardware specifications, the standard has been in the beta test phase, until last week, Apple was finally completed, and through the MFi program to all partners.

    Apple now requires all HomeKit-compatible equipment manufacturers to participate in the MFi licensing program and comply with the final hardware specifications. These requirements cover Bluetooth (BLE) pairing, security and communications, but also on the WiFi connection based HomeKit peripherals to make the appropriate provisions. In addition, Apple's HomeKit Accessory Protocol also includes a number of smart home device configuration file information, including: fans, garage doors, lights, locks, power outlets, digital switches and thermostats.



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