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Home page » news » Industry information » {MFi technology dry goods} Apple MFi system audit process and precautions (also known as MFi audit)!
{MFi technology dry goods} Apple MFi system audit process and precautions (also known as MFi audit)!
Article author:handler time:2017-04-28 02-42-19

More and more manufacturers pay close attention to Apple MFi authentication, if you want to successfully pass MFi verification, Factory System Review is an essential part. The following will be a special introduction for Factory System Review:

One, why Apple so concerned about the factory system review?

MFi authentication essentially is the control system of Apple's supplier, the factory wants to manufacture Apple accessories, the first is the factory become qualified supplier, and then is the Apple accessories pass the MFi product verification, eventually sold to the market. Apple will judge whether the factory can be the supplier via the system, so the factory system review is very important. For the manufacturers, through the system audit, besides the license, it also can strengthen, enhance, optimize the factory management procedure, improving business efficiency.

Second, what is Factory System Review?

Factory System Review is the added compulsory part in MFi 6.4 version, this part will be site audited by Deloitte. Factory System Review is mainly to help Apple to verify whether the manufacturer’s inventory management and financial reporting system meet Apple’s requirements.

Third, the audit items of Factory System Review

The auditors will review the following items:

1, Illegal behavior, such as illegal use MFi logo, selling copycat Apple accessories

2, The integrality and usage of enterprise resource planning (ERP system) system, especially the material and inventory control.

3, Normative financial management and completed financial statements

4, The equipment for mass production

5, The capacity of MFI Portal interface operation


Fourth, what are the preparations for the Factory System Review?

1, Arrange a MFi portal primary contact who is familiar with the use of MFi account and MFi portal related operations, such as purchase chips, submit the annual report, communicate with the apple and so on.

2, A networked computer, used to show the factory tracking the sales of finished products and inventory system.

3, The financial statements (including asset load sheet, income statement), the audit report, the company's annual performance review.

4, MFi Portal primary contact accompany and answer the question of the auditors.

5, Financial, sales, production and other management documents.

6, ERP production control system, warehouse material control, spare parts inventory.

7, The relevance and matching of ERP system’a various modules, for example, the matching of procurement and finance.


Fifth, what can APT do for the Factory System Review?

1, Training how to prepare financial information

2, Pre-audit ERP system, and provide the solution.

3, Training MFI Portal operation

4, Sharing the relevant considerations


APT is the only professional MFi testing organization, we solemnly promise: After our counseling, we ensure that 100% one-time pass Factory System Review, if noet we will pay for the audit!

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