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{MFi technology dry goods} access to MFi certified products why the high prices?
Article author:handler time:2017-04-28 09-04-03

The price of non MFi certified cable is 5 yuan, but the MFi certified cable is 50 yuan or more, the price of non MFi certified memory is only a few dozen yuan, but a MFi certified memory can sold a few Hundred yuan. Why is the price so difference? Simply understanding is the difference between copycat and genuine. The MFi license manufacturer needs invest much more manpower and money than copycat manufacturer when they want to manufacture a product. The pass rate of MFi certified is no more than 2% in several years ago, now about 20%!

In 2012, Apple introduced the Lightning connector, and required all manufacturers use the lightning connector(price from 2 dollars to 5 dollars ) when manufacture the MFi accessories, so the MFi accessories’ prime cost is more expensive than the copycat accessories’. As Apple's system vulnerabilities are always be repaired, so the cable with piratic lightning connector usually have a very short life.


The price of lightning connector is around 2 dollars, so the prime cost of MFi certified cable is around 25 yuan. Now you know why MFi certified product is so expensive.

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