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Home page » news » Industry information » {MFi technology dry goods} use non-MFi certified data cable affect the phone it?
{MFi technology dry goods} use non-MFi certified data cable affect the phone it?
Article author:handler time:2017-04-28 09-44-32

Many friends willing to use 5,000 yuan to buy an iPhone, they  willing to use 10 yuan to buy a copycat cable rather than use 100 yuan to buy a that have completed Apple MFi certification.

In fact, the different of MFi certified cable and the copycat cable  is not just the price.

The hazards of copycat cable:

If you choose a non MFi certified cable because of the price, you will find a lot of problems when you use it. 


First, it may cause an explosion.

Second, it will caused irreversible damage to the device. MFi certification test have severe requirements for the accessories, such as stable voltage and current, overload protection and so on. But non MFi certified cables do not have any requirement, the output voltage and current are usually unstable, for a long time, the phone’s battery will be damaged and may cause irreversible damage to iPhone!

Third, the cable can not charge, and can not transport data. Non MFi certified cable may be used normally when you buy it, but after a period of time, when you connect the device to the cable, you will find iPhone always pop up an unauthenticated warning, even find the cable can not charge and can not transport data, these issues always bring us great trouble.

Those cable that did not pass MFI certified, do you dare to use it?

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