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Home page » news » Industry information » {MFi technology dry goods} the latest Apple MFi certification application process
{MFi technology dry goods} the latest Apple MFi certification application process
Article author:handler time:2017-05-02 10-48-11

As the most proficient and the most understanding of the MFi certification testing organizations, APT will share the latest Apple MFi certification application procedure.

1, If you want to cooperate with Apple , you must get the license: Apple Manufacturing License or Apple Developer License. Firstly, you need to provide the application information to Apple, including the company's introduction, business scope, business conditions, area covered, the number of employees and so on. Apple will review these information to determine whether the company has the basic application conditions.

2, MFi system audit (Factory System Review), Apple appointed third party (Deloitte LLP) to the factory to review on the spot, the latest requirement is that factory must use reasonable the ERP system (APT has a complete solution for Factory System Review, including the solution of ERP system).

3, After the company complete Factory System Review, the company can apply the product plan (PPID) in Apple system. According the requirement, each product must apply a PPID and complete the MFi certification, and then can be manufacturing.

4, MFi certification test, samples must sent to Apple's laboratory to complete the test (China's test lab is UL in the Songshan Lake).

5, After passing the test, company need upload the product packaging to Apple audit, and must meet Apple's specifications before batch printing.

6, Product APP test evaluation.

The company will receive Apple's mail after the above steps are completed, this means a whole Apple MFi certification procedure be completed, then company can buy chips for large-scale production.



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