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Home page » news » Industry information » {MFi technology dry goods} latest Apple MFi Homekit platform function details
{MFi technology dry goods} latest Apple MFi Homekit platform function details
Article author:handler time:2017-05-03 02-49-46

Many friends only know Apple's "HomeKit" is a smart home platform, what is its main function? APT company will share this Apple HomeKit information.


What HomeKit can do? What’s the practical use of HomeKit? Apple recently announced more HomeKit technology information. HomeKit is one of the contents of the Apple MFi product verification, it mainly means the product connect terminal via wireless technology, where the wireless technology is mainly Bluetooth and Wifi.

First, HomeKit is work in the background at most of the time. HomeKit is integrated with iOS 8, but it's not iOS 8's "app" and does not replace third-party accessories’ app. The manufacturer also needs to provide an app to control its own accessories. However, HomeKit allows users to use the background function to rapidly control smart home, such as Siri, iOS positioning and so on.

Second, HomeKit will greatly simplify the installation and configuration procedures. There is another great benefit that it is easy to install and integrate HomeKit accessories if third-party accessories compatible with HomeKit. As a native feature, HomeKit can quickly find third-party accessories under Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, users do not need complex installers, no need for traditional manual connections and paired devices. In addition, HomeKit will allow users to control multiple accessories in one interface.

Third, good at your "Siri". Siri is an important feature of HomeKit. Apple has displayed part of the HomeKit features at the press conference, the most talked about is the integration with Siri. Because this is the real characteristic of HomeKit, which can not be copied by third-party. The user can use the voice command Siri to control the accessory, such as ‘turn off the bedroom lights’.

Fourth, HomeKit will support Wi-Fi bridging with Bluetooth LE. HomeKit supports direct pairing with Bluetooth LE, and can also bridging Bluetooth LE to Wi-Fi. For example, this allows Bluetooth LE locks can be accessed through Wi-Fi.

Fifth, Apple TV will be the hub of HomeKit. Users can directly control the smart home through iOS devices, but that is only under the family Wi-Fi range, if out, then you will need a hub. Apple TV will become such a hub, it can help the user implement more advanced operations, such as remote control.

Sixth, HomeKit will need a whole new hardware components. Existing components would not be able to come true the HomeKit via firmware upgrade. So if you want to develop a HomeKit product, you need to design based on the HomeKite chips and software.

Seventh, HomeKit mainly focus on security. HomeKit components’ manufacture say that HomeKit chips are pay great attention to the encryption function, we can know HomeKit test specification also always focus on security and privacy. "HomeKit" will also appear in the iOS "privacy" settings menu bar to view and control the third-party applications which are authorized to access HomeKit.

Eighth, Apple will allow some of the traditional home automation equipment bridging to HomeKit. For security reasons, this product must first obtain actual HomeKit certification.

APT is the company that is the most professional, the most understanding of MFi specification, Shenzhen APT Technology Co., Ltd. established the HomeKit test lab, and we have a whole capabilities and equipments for Apple's HomeKit test, we are a professional HomeKit test organization. If you want to join the HomeKit market but afraid of the MFi product verification, or your HomeKit test always failed in UL lab, welcome to contact us, we can definitely help you solve the all difficulties!

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