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Home page » news » Industry information » {MFi technology dry goods} would like to join Apple HomeKit? MFi certification mark first!
{MFi technology dry goods} would like to join Apple HomeKit? MFi certification mark first!
Article author:handler time:2017-05-03 09-02-31

Today, we will share the internet details of Apple's smart home system HomeKit and other home automated devices.


On the 2014 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple announced its own smart home internet system: Apple HomeKit, which is the Apple version of the Intelligent Home Center System. Apple’s initial partners, including intelligent electronic lock manufacturers August, color adjustable bulbs Hue Connected Bulb’s manufacturers Philips and veteran smart home manufacturers Honeywell, China's famous manufacturers Haier.

On this year's Consumer Electioncis Show (CES), Apple accessories maker Incipio demonstrated a HomeKit accessory that supports Siri's voice commands. This is just a representative of HomeKit, HomeKit will mainly means the Wi-Fi and BT accessories that support Homekit protocol and have completed Apple verification, and the accessories  can be connected directly to iOS devices.

By bridging, iOS devices can connect to some non-HomeKit accessories. This bridge can communicate with iOS devices via the HomeKit protocol, and can also communicate with iOS devices via other wireless protocols. Users can use the HomeKit command on iOS devices to control non-HomeKit accessories.

Now, Apple has finally identified the premise of internet for other platforms’ smart home devices and Homekit, the latest "Made for iPhone" (MFi) authorized project introduced the product types of Apple devices compatible with other HomeKit smart home. That’s mean if you would like to join Apple HomeKit? Then please first get MFi authentication!

But there are some limitations in this way. For example, smart home devices can not connect HomeKit until certain specific requirements are met. To implement interconnection, these smart home devices must support the HomeKit protocol and complete MFi verification.

If your product want to join Apple market, then please complete MFi authentication first, many customers worry that MFi authentication is difficult to pass, and many manufacturers do not clear the HomeKit verification test content, but all of these are not issues if you work with APT, as APT is the company that is the most professional, the most understanding of MFi specification, Shenzhen APT Technology Co., Ltd. established the HomeKit test lab, and we have a whole capabilities and equipments for Apple's HomeKit test, we are a professional HomeKit test organization. If you want to join the HomeKit market but afraid of the MFi authentication, or your HomeKit test always failed in UL lab, welcome to contact us, we can definitely help you solve the all difficulties!


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