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Home page » news » Industry information » {Exclusive Secret! } Apple AirPlay certification test project / content
{Exclusive Secret! } Apple AirPlay certification test project / content
Article author:handler time:2017-05-04 06-45-44

Airplay is the topped products of Shenzhen APT Technology Co., Ltd., no one better than we understand AirPlay certification!



Here to share with you AirPlay verification test contents and related matters need attention!

AirPlay is a wireless technology, the carrier of this technology is WIFI, so if you want to get AirPlay certification, you must also get WIFI Union certification. Apple released iTunes 10.1 software fully supports AirPlay wireless technology on November 12, 2010. Apple added a playback technology in OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 4.2, then the music on Mac, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone can be transported to the supported AirPlay equipment to play. Airplay only used on iPhone with iOS 4.2 or later and computer with iTunes 10.1 or later. Except for Apple’s official equipment, there are many famous brands’ speaker and IPTV also support AirPlay function: Philips, Harman, Yamaha, Marantz and others, Airplay has become the standard configuration of sell well speakers. But the speakers with Airplay function in the current market are still limited to some famous brands, as many small and medium-sized audio manufacturers have some technically difficult. APT can solve all the Airplay test part issues, we can help you join to the Apple AirPlay market. The following are Airplay test projects:

1.Airplay test have two categories: wired configuration and wireless configuration

2. Web Interface: a variety of web configuration function test

3. Software update test

4. Password verification

5. IPV4 / IPV6 Ping test

6.PHY iPerf test

7.Bonjour test

8.iTune related test

9.iPhone related test

10.Metadata test

11.Standby test

12.WOL / WOWL test

13.Multiple input test

14.Wireshark test

15.Audio Delay

16.WAC test (such as support for WAC function)

  1) WIFI Auto shutoff

  2) 2.4G vs 5G Beaconing test

  3) Security mode test

  4) IP Connectivity test

  5) Bonjour test

The above is the main test projects, but each test item contains many small test items, in general, an Airplay test includes around 40-60 items, of course, the test items are based on product’s function.

Shenzhen APT Technology Co. Ltd. has a whole set of Apple AirPlay test capabilities and equipment, we provide the most professional AirPlay scheme, AirPlay pre-test and AirPlay product rectification service, we can guarantee the customer pass AirPlay test with the fastest speed, if you want to join the AirPlay market, or your Airplay product could not complete the verification, welcome to contact us, we are happy to discuss with you, we believe we can solve your issues!


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