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{MFi technology dry goods} MFi certification in the quarterly report notes
Article author:handler time:2017-05-04 08-04-17

After completing of MFi verification, In order to closely control the production and sales of MFi accessories, to prevent manufacturers to use counterfeit Apple chips and lightning connector, or sell MFi Component privately, the manufacturers need to submit a quarterly report each quarter, which must contain the purchased quantity of parts, the quantity of semi-products for the accessories that are being produced, the quantity of each product shipments per area, the quantity of scrapped, the data must be true, and the quarterly report must be submitted even if the quantity of shipments is 0! So even though company has completed MFi verification, if follow-up quarterly report is not good, MFi account is likely to be cancelled.


APT is the only professional MFi technology company, we solemnly promise: After our coaching, you can pass the  factory system review one-time, and we also provide the follow-up quarterly report coaching.

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