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Home page » news » Industry information » Analysis of Power Update in iAP Protocol in MFi Test
Analysis of Power Update in iAP Protocol in MFi Test
Article author:handler time:2017-05-04 08-20-19

Regarding the Apple accessory's power update function, most of our cooperation companies are confused, they usually confuse provide power and device power, and now APT provides a simple analysis of how to use this feature in the iAP protocol, the following three kinds of case should to be dealt with differently:

      1. If the product supports charging (provide power) but does not support recharging (draw power).

      2. If the product supports both of charging (provide power) and recharging(draw power).

      3. Another special case is use the role switch function, when the product changes to USB device mode from USB host mode, there is 1 second charging time, and then will be recharging.

Apple's requirement of above three cases are different, of course, specific product needs to be dealt with specific analysis. The above requirements aslo have some special cases and will not be listed here one by one.
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