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Analysis of Power Update in iAP Protocol in MFi Test [2017-05-04]
Regarding the Apple accessory's power update function, most of our cooperation companies are confused, they usually confuse provide power and device power, and now APT provides a simple analysis o
{MFi technology dry goods} MFi certification in the quarterly report notes [2017-05-04]
After completing of MFi verification, In order to closely control the production and sales of MFi accessories, to prevent manufacturers to use counterfeit Apple chips and lightning connector, or sell
{Exclusive Secret! } Apple AirPlay certification test project / content [2017-05-04]
Airplay is the topped products of Shenzhen APT Technology Co., Ltd., no one better than we understand AirPlay certification!  Here to share with you AirPlay verification test contents and re
{MFi technology dry goods} would like to join Apple HomeKit? MFi certification mark first! [2017-05-03]
Today, we will share the internet details of Apple's smart home system HomeKit and other home automated devices.On the 2014 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple announced its own smart hom
{MFi technology dry goods} latest Apple MFi Homekit platform function details [2017-05-03]
Many friends only know Apple's "HomeKit" is a smart home platform, what is its main function? APT company will share this Apple HomeKit information. What HomeKit can do? What’s the
{MFi technology dry goods} the latest Apple MFi certification application process [2017-05-02]
As the most proficient and the most understanding of the MFi certification testing organizations, APT will share the latest Apple MFi certification application procedure.1, If you want to cooperate wi
{MFi technology dry goods} use non-MFi certified data cable affect the phone it? [2017-04-28]
Many friends willing to use 5,000 yuan to buy an iPhone, they  willing to use 10 yuan to buy a copycat cable rather than use 100 yuan to buy a that have completed Apple MFi certification.In fact,
{MFi technology dry goods} access to MFi certified products why the high prices? [2017-04-28]
The price of non MFi certified cable is 5 yuan, but the MFi certified cable is 50 yuan or more, the price of non MFi certified memory is only a few dozen yuan, but a MFi certified memory can sold a fe
{MFi technology dry goods} Apple MFi system audit process and precautions (also known as MFi audit)! [2017-04-28]
More and more manufacturers pay close attention to Apple MFi authentication, if you want to successfully pass MFi verification, Factory System Review is an essential part. The following will be a spec
{MFi technology dry goods} teach you on the Apple MFi official website query through the MFi certified business [2017-04-28]
whether traders, manufacturers, retailers, or normal consumers, they all want to check whether their purchased products have completed the Apple MFi certification, then how to check? APT will simply s
The company continues to improve testing capabilities, increase conventional MFi / IAP testing, MFi / Bluetooth IAP test equipment, for the majority of hope to enter the Apple MFi field of customers to provide a full set of IAP test solution [2017-03-15]
MFi's IAP test is an important part of the Apple MFi test, in today's increasingly complex MFi accessories products, IAP test is becoming increasingly important. Our APT APT has recently purch
The company has completed the construction of the MFi AirPlay test platform, for the majority of hope to enter the field of Apple AirPlay customers to provide a full range of Airplay solutions [2017-03-15]
MFi's AirPlay is definitely our APT Shenzhen Ai Tai Tai Technology Co., Ltd.'s fist products, no one better than we know AirPlay certification! Our APT engineers during the foreign research sp
The company has successfully completed the MFi HomeKit test platform. Apple's HomeKit hardware standard is fully open to the partners. [2017-03-15]
Apple Apple has officially completed its HomeKit hardware specification customization work, and will be through the MFi (Made-For / iPhone / iPad / iPod) authorization program to intelligent home equi
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